Monday, September 5, 2011

Words On Play

Anyone familiar with my music and books…..or my family concerts ….or my conference sessions knows that my interest has always been in play.  I’ve tried, over the years,  to create music that inspires active play and create books that become playful read-and-sing-alongs between adults and children.  And in my professional workshops I have always made it a point to share my excitement about what children are learning while playing and how, if we watch that play,  we can learn so much about the children we know and love. 

I’ve come to understand that play is an activity that is simple, yet profound.  When playing, children learn lessons that are broader than any lessons that adults might dream up to teach them.  When adults study a child’s play, if they are reflective, they end up learning not only about the child, but something about themselves as well.

I’m planning, when I post on to this blog in the coming weeks, to explore aspects of play that I don’t have time to share in my conference sessions.  I’ve collected more than twenty years of stories, anecdotes and thoughts…..all about play.  I’m excited to put them in order and make them public.

I’m hoping that early childhood teachers, children’s librarians and parents will find my words on play thought provoking.  And I am hoping that they might find an occasional piece worth sharing with others.  


  1. Hi Jim!

    Just watched Foot Notes with my daughter--Clever word play and wonderful parent-child play captured in real-time.

    Also, I was happy to see Erikson did a piece on you and your clever, thoughtful music.

    Congratulations on your latest pursuits to spread your child development knowledge and your spirited music play to the world!

  2. So glad to see you are still "teaching" in your unique way and posting on u-tube as well. We don't have any "young un's in our fold, but your presentations always take me back to the "good ol' days". Marilyn from Iowa,